Special Roundtable with Richard Brown, Chairman of Eurostar

Richard Brown, Chairman of Eurostar joined a roundtable to discuss developments and exchange ideas with members about his forthcoming report rail franchising.

Meeting with Infrastructure Minister: Lord Sassoon, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury


Lord Sassoon, the Infrastructure Minister as Commercial Secretary for the Treasury joined a special roundtable to discuss all infrastructure policy issues ahead of the Autumn Statement.


Cumberland Lodge 2012

Cumberland Lodge 2012 was chaired by Steven Maijoor, Chair of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Special Dinner Discussion on Road Financing

This special dinner discussion on the future financing of Britain's roads was attended by Parliamentary colleagues and experts in the subject. The former Department for Transport Director for Strategic Roads and policy expert Brian Wadsworth, Director of the Road Ahead Group, introduced discussion.


The Infrastructure Forum Annual Policy Summit

The first summit featured a presentation from Geoffrey Spence, Chief Executive of Infrastructure UK at HM Treasury, who gave an update on the Government's perspective for infrastructure policy, financing and specific initiatives. A series of sectoral assessments examined telecoms, energy, water, airports and road and rail sectors.


Special Dinner DIscussion with Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury & Chair of the Cabinet Infrastructure Committee

Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Chair of the Cabinet's Infrastructure Committee led a special dinner discussion of The Infrastructure Forum. As Chair of the Cabinet's Infrastructure Committee, Danny Alexander is directly responsible for the delivery of the top forty priority projects and programmes on infrastructure investment.


Special Roundtable with Rt Hon Lord Heseltine CH, Author of No Stone Unturned 

The Chancellor and Secretary of State for Business has asked Lord Heseltine to undertake an independent review of how spending Departments and other relevant public sector bodies interact with the private sector, and to assess their capacity to deliver pro-growth policies. Early in the course of Lord Heseltine's review, he had agreed to meet leading participants in The Infrastructure Forum, to set out his thinking and to hear their perspectives.


Infrastructure Policy & Current Issues with Rt Hon Francis Maude MP

Rt Hon Francis Maude MP responsibilities include public sector efficiency and reform and resilience. He has pioneered reform of the public sector approach to procurement, including informal pre-contractual discussions and forward looking resource pipelines giving a much clearer picture of the contracting landscape across Government.


Government's Growth Agenda with Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP

Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party led a discussion to examine ideas on growth and infrastructure issues as they applied to different Departments of Government.


EPF Advisory Council with Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor for the Bank of England

Guest of honour as dinner speaker was Paul Tucker, the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England for financial stability.

Special Lunch Discussion with Erkki Liikanen, Chairman of the EU High Level Group on Bank Reform and Governor of the Central Bank of Finland


The Next Communications Bill - Special Roundtable on the forthcoming DCMS Green PaperProfessor Ian Hargreaves

Professor Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University, formally a distinguished regulator at Ofcom, Editor and Director of News at the BBC, joined the Forum to lead discussion on these and other issues.

Water Policy - Capturing ideas on the White Paper, Special Roundtable with Richard Benyon MP, DEFRA Water Minister

The Infrastructure Forum in association with Water UK, held a special roundtable to discuss the Water White Paper with Richard Benyon MP, Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries. The roundtable allowed participants to exchange ideas and perspectives, look at priorities, and set the scene for the discussions which follow before the preparation of legislation.


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