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The Infrastructure Forum

The Infrastructure 

The Infrastructure Forum bring together the key players in infrastructure, whether investors, operators, contractors, economic regulators or professional advisors. It has become the meeting place for confidential and constructive discussion about ways to promote the development of infrastructure networks in the UK and to broaden the range of options available to policymakers and regulators.

The expertise of its team, the knowledge and experience of its specialised working groups, and its excellent trusted relationships with public authorities and agencies in the UK and internationally all contribute to its effectiveness.


Darren Jones MP,

Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury

RAC Club, 89 Pall Mall, St. James's, London SW1Y 5HS

Tuesday 20 February 2024

The next Infrastructure Forum Advisory Council Meeting, rescheduled for 20 February, will be addressed by Darren Jones MP, the Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.


Members of the Forum's Advisory Council will be able to gain an understanding of Labour’s plans in relation to infrastructure spending, how to attract private investment, as well as transport policy.


Smarter Regulation

Cathryn Ross, Chair, The Regulation Forum

Wednesday 31 January 2024

The Regulation Forum has been impressed by the Department for Business and Trade's recent consultation on smarter regulation for the UK's economic regulators.


In preparing a useful submission in response to the consultation, the Forum and Cathryn Ross, Chair of The Regulation Forum's Annual Chairs Summit, held a virtual roundtable on Wednesday 31 January 2024 to gather perspectives on the key issues from members and regulatory experts 






The National Infrastructure Commission plays a critical role in the development of the UK’s national infrastructure and has performed admirably under the leadership of Sir John Armitt. In this paper, the Forum's network of operators, investors and professional advisers in the infrastructure sector argues that the government should grant the NIC the status of a statutory corporation, in order to boost its authority and level of independence and its ability to report directly to Parliament. TIF believes this step can significantly enhance predictability, certainty, transparency, and scrutiny of the UK’s infrastructure policies, making decisions more binding and reducing policy churn.

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